WR_blog_s-s 1surface/sphere is an installation – video 9’30’’ on loop and charcoal body prints on paper

The work was commissioned by Siobhan Davies Dance and Independent Dance London for their What Festival 2016: What Remains – Anatomy of an Artist. The work responded to the festival call for a forensics approach to art-making in relation to another artist’s work. surface/sphere draws on the legacy of seminal Judson Dance Theatre artist and instigator of the contact improvisation form – Steve Paxton. It brings Paxton’s rolls and movement puzzles – gathered in the DVD Material for the Spine – into contact with the methods developed in our performance installation what remains and is to come.

ss_black (1)Paxton’s rolls and puzzles radically alter how the body and space is perceived in movement; they open the surfaces of the body in the sensations of spherical space. With surface/sphere Paxton’s exercises come into contact with charcoal-covered paper, tracing events of spherical movement on the horizontal surface.

Our artist reflection from the festival programme:
“After contact there is trace, a kind of sediment – that’s not always evident. Traces of our long time ago contact with the artist Steve Paxton exists as embodied memory, as whole body movement patterns – as capacity that inheres and is perhaps not evidently material.

The event of movement-touching-surface – in which the movement patterns are in contact with SS_aikido roll_white print*paper and charcoal – produces material traces. Movement-touching-surface to remove charcoal reveals a void where something has been – negative impression. Movement-touching-surface to transfer charcoal deposits a residue – positive impression. Trace of long ago contact is evident.
There is capture

The camera’s eye traces the evidence of these processes – enacts another kind of capture.

We are organizing the evidence – visibility of sediment, touch of contact, eye that feels …”


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