The artist book what remains and is to come: a document contains images and performance scores
as well as texts by Ramsay Burt, Ivana Ivković and Mark Leahy
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This video artist book was created as part of a crowd-sourcing campaign to attract subscribers
The book was also supported by Arts Council England

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what remains and is to come
The Scholar & Feminist Online: part 3 Art Praxis November 2012
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Artist Pages SF Online

Jonathan Beller – Guest Editor Scholar & Feminist Online and Professor of Humanities and Media Studies at Pratt Institute Brooklyn NY – writes
The images that remain bear the trace of their experimental collaboration, one that arguably reworks both the process of writing and photo-graphing from the ground up. One cannot help but feel that a certain need to bypass media history and re-invent media itself in order to create a trace somehow adequate to the bodily practices and aesthetic drives of the performance installation event their collaboration engenders. From burnt wood they manually crush to make charcoal dust to the impressions left by their bodies on large paper surfaces, theirs is a dramatic refusal of the ordinary means and modes of representation as well as an affirming reinvention of the entire process of image making. Rather than being controlled by the apparatus, they develop a process where their interventions and intentions can be received and incorporated at every moment. What results actually bypasses the program encoded in our photographic machines and transmits a world by invented means. The images are at once as direct as a touch and as coded as a fossilised impression. Indeed Brown and Irvine seem to exceed existing codes, and in doing so manage to make still images live.

what remains and is to come
Artist Pages published in Performance Research : Vol 17 issue 4  2012: ‘On Ecology’
Performance Research is a journal addressing artistic and theoretical research in the expanded field of performance
Issue editors Stephen Bottoms, Aaron Franks & Paula Kramer