what remains and is to come


what remains and is to come is a performance installation – an immersive performance event of 50 mins duration with the residue of the event remaining as installed work

The performance is a dynamic activation of material processes between paper, charcoal, bodies and breath. The audience is mobile, invited into the upcloseness of the event. A work-like approach, repetitive action, systematic enquiry and a concern with treating materials not as tools but as equal in the making process are guiding principles in the project.

There is also an artist book what remains and is to come: a document containing images and performance scores as well as texts by Ramsay Burt, Ivana Ivković and Mark Leahy.  Available at:
Books on The Move
Good Press 


what remains and is to come  is performed in gallery and theatre spaces with each performance configured in relation to the particular architecture and contexts of the space.

Following the performance, the installed work comprises charcoal prints and sound score created using sounds previously captured during the working processes – sounds of paper, charcoal, bodies and breath in relations.

Sound by Tim Sayer


Some audience responses:

“A dramatic refusal of the ordinary means and modes of representation”

“Inventive and intimate, it touched me on a personal and universal level”

“Intrinsic, silent, forceful”

“I felt that I’d witnessed something very tender and strong, intelligent and curious and intensely beautiful”

“An affirming reinvention of the entire process of image making”

“As direct as a touch and as coded as a fossilized impression”

“The marks of your bodies in the charcoal – the marks of the charcoal on your bodies –  an almost shocking beauty”

The artist book is also stocked at the Fruitmarket Gallery if you are in Edinburgh and in Boekie Woekie if you are in Amsterdam.

The project has been supported by





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